Piano Trios by Johannes Brahms

The Oliver Schnyder Trio plays the complete piano trios by German romantic composer Johannes Brahms (1833-1897). The piano trios date from the extremes of the composer’s life — Opus 8 from 1853/4 when he was about twenty years old (here also performed in its revised version of 1889), and Opus 101 from 1886, written when he was fifty-three. All three works are undoubtedly masterworks of the classical repertoire for piano trio.

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Die Musikzeitschrift musik&theater zeichnet die Brahms Trio CD in ihrer Ausgabe vom November 2014 als Meilenstein aus.

Diskothek im Zwei

I can’t think of anything more thrilling and fun than listening to musical experts talk about your recording on the radio, NB without them knowing who the player is (they put a great effort into saying intelligent things). Here, six different recordings of Schumann’s “Davidsbündlertänze” are getting judged. My own recording makes it up to the final round along with Angela Hewitt’s (Angela “hammers” me in the end;)…).


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