OS mit dem Baltimore Symphony Orchestra



May 17 at 2:56 PM

„… The evening’s soloist, Swiss pianist Oliver Schnyder, took a risk that paid off handsomely. This was his BSO debut, and rather than perform some big romantic showpiece, he chose the Haydn Concerto in D (H. XVIII: 11), a work that I’d previously heard in performance only from children, some quite young. But Schnyder (in his 40s and well into an international career) showed that real artistry can be applied to technically simple music just as well as in knuckle-busters. His phrasing and touch in the Un poco adagio opened up worlds of expression, and his bumptious, off-kilter accents in the Hungarian-themed Rondo never disturbed the flowing, propulsive stream of notes. When was the last time you saw a standing ovation for a Haydn concerto?“